Do you still get a huge BUZZ when you win a new client?

We won a new client yesterday and I felt the same way I did when I won my first retained executive search assignment over 23 years ago!

The main reason I had a wee dance to celebrate was that we have won another aspirational client who aligns to our values, wants to work collaboratively and are just genuinely nice people.

We made a decision 6 years ago to take control of our client portfolio and have since filled it with companies and people that we love to help and solve their problems.

6 years ago, despite having a financially successful business, we identified that we were attracting clients that didn't make us happy, didn't inspire us and actually didn't value the solutions we provide. Our business coach told us our only choice was to agree on what an aspirational client was, lose those that didn't align and become proactive to find and engage with new companies that would make us happy! We lost 50% of our revenue overnight but are now in an amazing place with an aspirational client portfolio and a fantastic team to collaboratively partner them.

How did we get here? Well, we started with a guide book on what makes an aspirational client and would not accept doing business with any company that didn't align. It took a lot of work. It required our discovery calls and meetings to be a lot more focused in order to understand if these companies were aspirational. It also took a lot of guts! 

Ultimately, I would recommend what we have done to everyone who cares about what they do and are not just focused on revenue. 

On a cold and wet Monday morning, do you jump out of bed raring to help your clients or would you rather pull the duvet over your head?