Without consideration or much of a warning, most of the world has been forced to work remotely in 2020. For those of us not used to working from home it started off as a refreshing change but has sadly become a real grind! The leaders I speak to every day all have a different opinion to share on the subject and they are certainly split on the extent to which their companies will work remotely when some normality returns. 

I think we have all made do with the vast array of technology that we are able to use to connect with our colleagues, customers and other stakeholders. However, none of them remotely resemble the experience we have when we spend a day in the office. From dressing properly (not shirt, tie and a pair of shorts) and enjoying the commute to work through to the office banter and interacting with real people instead of seeing faces on a computer screen for 8 hours, this experience can surely not be replicated at home?

I read an article recently on the rise of companies employing Directors of Remote Working. Essentially, lots of companies want to do remote working properly and this includes replicating the experience of actually being in the office. There are certainly many benefits of remote working for both employer and employee but will anyone ever be able to replicate the experience of meeting face to face whilst at home.

I watch on with intrigue and perhaps even hope.