A lot hinges on hiring the right Digital / Technology Director for your business. Get it right and technology enables, boosts and delivers your strategy. Get it wrong and you can lose competitive advantage, customers, demotivate staff, incur cost and ultimately you will be unable to deliver your strategy.

We have guided numerous clients globally to successfully identify and recruit their next Digital / Technology Director.

Here are 14 factors that you should consider in your decision-making process to ensure a successful appointment:

  1. Are they a strong leader?
  2. Can they clearly articulate the technology vision for the current company?
  3. Have they successfully built and delivered a digital / technology strategy ?
  4. Are they a doer? Can they give examples of successful delivery and outcomes?
  5. What examples of successful transformation can they provide?
  6. Are they aware of the broader business model and how technology enables it?
  7. How do they evaluate the cost of implementing a technology?
  8. Are they a good coach?
  9. Do they delegate technical duties well?
  10. How do they inspire their team?
  11. How strong is their network for technology collaboration?
  12. How do they keep abreast of the latest technology tools and products?
  13. Do you have shared values?
  14. How well do they align to your culture and ethos?

Digital transformation is undoubtedly one of the keys to increasing revenue, delighting customers and freeing up employees from mundane tasks. The digital strategy and delivery is therefore vital to success. Having the perfect Director of Digital / Technology is arguably one of the most important roles within companies. Getting the hiring decision right could well be the difference between success and failure