I had a fantastic call this week with a client we have been partnering for over 5 years. They are a fantastic client and one that we would consider aspirational. They get us. They love working collaboratively and really understand the challenges we must face if we are to identify and entice the highest calibre talent they need to achieve their strategic objectives.

When the CEO's mobile number comes up on my phone late on a Friday evening, when I am with my family, I smile and have no hesitation in answering it! 

Despite our very successful partnership, we have, for sometime, been trying to convince this client to let us know their recruitment plans for the next 12 months so we can move away from reactive activity and enable us to think creatively whilst also reducing our costs.

Finally, we had a call this week which included discussing their full resourcing needs for 2021. A time for celebration!

Unfortunately, most recruitment we are involved in is urgent. This maybe due to a resignation or a redundancy but mainly because not many organisations think too far ahead when it comes to resourcing. 

When we are able to think and plan ahead, it ensures our clients get the best solution and also reduce the costs involved with urgent recruitment. It enables us to build talent pipelines which, in turn, provide our clients with more options than just the best candidates in the market who are prepared or ready to move jobs at that point in time.

All in all, planning your annual resourcing plan as far ahead as possible will only benefit your organisation by ensuring you attract the talent you need when you need it.