There appears to be no end to this relentless global pandemic and, as we enter winter, surely it will be harder to keep our teams motivated?

I really enjoyed a recent article I read from Harvard Business Review which provided some ideas to help you keep your teams motivated for the right reasons.

Remote working is becoming a drag for a lot of us. We started excited but the endless video calls and lack of proper social interaction is draining our enthusiasm.

HBR states 3 ways that leaders can keep their teams motivated.

1. Relatedness

Do your employees feel cared for and listened to? In our remote world you will have to make a real effort to create space and time to ask the right questions to understand how they are feeling. Take nothing for granted. Ensure you focus on their well-being as well as their productivity. One won't happen without the other!! Ensure you have 121 time so employees will open up and let you know how they are truly feeling. Asking teams the question will provide a different response. Let them know that you are listening and help them overcome challenges. Be there for them.

2. Involvement and accountability

Surveys suggest that employees will be happier and more productivity when they are made accountable to achieve agreed objectives. Be there to help but don't dictate how they can achieve their goals. Ensure they are challenged, achieve personal growth and celebrate when milestones are achieved. You should be available to guide and support.

3. Autonomy

Micro management won't work. Empower your team to make their own decisions. Don't castigate them if they make the wrong decisions but help them identify what went wrong and the key learnings from it. Help them to grow.