I had to share the below stats that have come out of HSE's latest report on health & safety stats for year ending March 2020.

It makes me incredibly proud to read these figures.  Interviewing the likes of MD's and Ops Directors from within both Construction and Building Materials, when I ask what their key priority is, more often than not, the response I gain is the health and safety of our workforce.

This is a seismic shift in mindset from even 10 years ago, when typically the response would have been profit or driving their strategy.  Clearly, this topic has been engrained into the industry from the top down.

In their report, the HSE cite that:

 - Workers within forestry, agriculture and fishing are five times more likely to be killed at work than those in construction

 - To March 2020 there were 40 construction fatalities in GB.  This equates to 1.74 per 100,000 workers

 - 30 years ago this figure was closer to 8.5!

 - In the aforementioned industries this figure is 7.73

 - Figures on non-fatal injuries have dipped dramatically within construction during this period, to 4,500.  Of those needing more than seven days off 27% were musculoskeletal injuries associated with lifts and handling

Appreciating that 40 fatalities is 40 too many, as someone who has recruited a number of SHEQ related leaders within the industry, I appreciate the investment and awareness businesses have driven over recent years.

Well done construction, building materials, leaders and all those involved in SHEQ.