Being sent home to work remotely was, for most, a refreshing change to the habits that we had created. The first few months provided amazing weather and we were able to benefit from it by staying at home. 

With the UK and many other countries entering a 2nd lock down but this time heading into winter, keeping our spirits and energy up will be more challenging. More than 76% of workers are tired most days of the week, according to a study by the Virgin Pulse Institute.

I read a great article recently suggesting 6 ways we can overcome our fatigue and boost our energy, and I have summarised them here.

1. Designate a specific start time to your workday.

It is easier than ever for every day to roll into the other especially if you don't build in a structure. Waking up and immediately turning on your smart phone to read work emails and messages is likely to get you off to a bad start and throw any good intentions of building in some "me time" right out of the window. 

2. Celebrate milestones throughout the day

The reality of not commuting and the disappearance of meetings for meetings sake is that we have more productive hours to achieve our objectives. However, it is so important to build in some ways to celebrate the completion of tasks. For example, go and get some fresh air. Take the dogs for a walk or have a well earned brew. Recognising your achievements is important if the day is not to become unfulfilling and monotonous.

3. Get away from your computer screen

We suffer from too much blue light time between checking our phones and working on our laptops but now we have added video meetings in, we are setting ourselves up for eye strain and an endlessly buzzing mind! Build in time to ensure you have some blue light free time.  

4. Build in exercise

Now that the gyms have been closed in the UK, we must find ways to continue our exercise and there are so many free channels doing all sorts of activities from HIIT workouts to Yoga. Hopefully the weather will be kind and we allow us to get outside and enjoy running or cycling.

5. Build in some white space

Travelling between meetings used to provide us with space to breathe. Now that we stay fixed in our chairs, we are adopting bad habits of going from one video call to the next. Easy to do but you have to stop it and build in some time to recharge.

6. Make 52 your new magic number

The Pomodoro Technique—working for 25 minutes, taking a five-minute break, and then going back at it—works wonders for many people. This is probably not going to work for many but the general idea is to schedule a time to work and a time to recharge.

All in all I hope I have provided you with some ideas to combat fatigue, help you to re-energise and ultimately get through this pandemic feeling fit and well.