❓ There are some positives to 2020?

❇️ I have spoken to a lot of leaders during the last few months who all believe there have been some positives to take from 2020.

❇️ The key one is that businesses globally have been forced to stop and take stock of what they are actually doing and what their clear vision for the future is.

❇️ Someone told me that there are only two times in a company's life when you are able to have the breathing space to stop the business and really think about developing real clarity of vision. One is when the business is being created and the other was in 2020!!

❇️ Many leaders admitted that they were involved in all sorts of unprofitable activities pre COVID but the breathing space has allowed them to review with purpose and make the necessary changes.

❇️ Anyway, from a recruitment perspective, our clients are investing to rebuild their businesses. They have undoubtedly all changed due to the pandemic but all now have a clear vision for the future.

2020 has been a horrendous year but out of it many new opportunities have been created.

Do you agree?