One of the things that sets the most successful organisations apart is their ability to adapt. Failure to adapt leads to organisations that are perceived to be so "solid" so "successful" fall by the wayside - see Blockbuster as a prime example, once so successful ....... then along came Netflix. 

One of my favorite business quotes was by Warren Buffet, he said "Only when the tide goes out, do you see whos been swimming naked!". The idea is that its easy to be successful during the good times, but what really separates the best, is how the double down and react during the tough times. 

I think its fair to say, we are in one of those tough times - as COVID impacts all industries across the globe. Just like Blockbuster, the organisations that will come out the other side strongest are the ones that adapt. 

This article was really interesting, looking at the key trends, changes and areas of focus for organisations looking to recover quickly. 

Two of the points that really stood out to me where those regarding talent. The importance of attracting and retaining the best talent and also the benefits of developing and learning culture. People really are the fuel that drives an organisation. Ensuring you attract, and keep the best talent is absolutely critical to achieving short and long term strategy. The culture is a really important part of making this happen, if you can develop a learning culture it not only helps to attract and retain, but also ensures your workforce is as productive and effective as possible.