This is a really interesting one given the situation many companies are in due to COVID. Having started the year so positively and with exciting financial forecasts in place, so many companies have now seen these shattered by the impact of COVID but what should they do?

Should they focus on creating profits for their shareholders or on strengthening their organisation and its product ' services portfolio in time to reap the rewards when their markets return?

I have been having so many of these conversations with leaders located globally and, if I did a straw poll, I would say most have focused on profits.

Disappointingly those organisations which have focused on profits have reducing headcount as their key priority. The impact of this is now that the remaining workforce seem overworked and very aware of it! In addition, their competitors are now benefiting from some fantastic talent!

On the other side of the debate, I spoke to a sales leader this week who refreshingly declared that, although 20% behind revenue target, his Board remain very calm and are focusing on upskilling, investing in R&D and preparing the business for when its markets return. 

So what do you think is the right approach and how has your employer reacted to COVID. Calm and focused on the future or mayhem and cutting every cost possible so it can report as much profit as possible?