No matter what industry you are in, one thing is for certain; we are in the age of a great transformation.  Whether it be companies beginning to modify their processes through the implementation of digital transformation or adjusting their company culture to meet the needs of their employees, change is happening. And one thing is for certain: to truly grow as a person and grow their companies, leaders need to evolve too. Leading in a post-pandemic world means shifting not only your management methods, but your mindset about what it means to be a collective business team. 

Leadership has become much more than a job title - it is a characteristic. Leadership is no longer about authority and delegating, it is about creating strong relationships, supporting and empowering, developing and encouraging your team to grow. Leadership is about leading from the front but being a leader who brings their team with them and empowers them to do better and to become greater together. There is a stronger need for empathy and support from leaders - it is simply not good enough to delegate tasks and sit in your office. One of the most important values a leader should hold is their need to build relationships. A leader in 2020 should prefer to use a team based approach rather than an individualistic approach to achieve the goals and objectives of their organisation. 

Leaders must be able to look at each individual holistically. Each person is different and their way of learning, feeling and communicating will vary. The needs and concerns of your employees outside of work directly impact their performance at work. So, it is important to note that there are ever changing needs, behaviors and characteristics of today's workforce that require a different form of leadership to ensure an employee feels safe, trusts their environment and can openly express their feelings and concerns. 

As a leader, diversity should always be one of the most important aspects of driving your team forward. A leader who can successfully recruit people from all walks of life and looks beyond the normal hires will have a strong understanding that with diversity comes the potential for new perspectives and new opinions. Being able to hire someone regardless of their sex, ethnicity, religious beliefs can only enhance the culture of your team. 

In any strong company, leaders are constantly faced with new and evolving challenges. By creating a culture of trust, camaraderie and togetherness, an effective leader can begin to develop a high performing team who are motivated to diversify their skillset, work as a team and solve problems together. 

In 2020, good leaders are those who follow three important principles. Build the strongest team possible, set a clear and direct vision for the future of the company (with their input and feedback) and to make sure everyone has the drive and confidence to accomplish this. If you can achieve these three things together, you are on your way to achieving great things within the age of transformation and a pandemic will not get in you or your teams way!