In todays topsy turvy environment it is natural for your mind to wander to the "what if's" and "this will happen".

Although the world is a far more sophisticated place than two million years ago, essentially, our brains are still pre-programmed in certain areas from that era.  Without delving into the physiological or psychological intricacies, our brains are set to keep us away from danger by predicting it and thus helping us avoid it.

A monumental flaw with this is our minds often go into overdrive about issues that don't, and often won't, exist!  Compounding this, our brains draw on similar situations that have occurred previously in an attempt to learn from them.  This constant negative back and forth is hugely harmful for our wellbeing and often does not help in the slightest - especially when the "thing" we are concerned may happen escalates into such a large scale issue!  Horribly dangerous stuff and not at all productive.

My message, which has massively helped me, is simple and clear.  Please start being aware of your thoughts when they race off and how they are affecting your mood and physical changes (tension, raised heat rate etc).

Like most things, this technique requires perseverance but, before too long, you will find yourself spotting shifts in tension and questioning what an earth your mind is busy predicting in your downfall.

For two years we at Collingwood have been fortunate enough to have the services of a Mindfulness coach.  My opinion of the techniques employed have shifted dramatically during this time, but this article is not designed to preach its virtues to you.

The above technique only scratches the surface of mindfulness, but is highly effective and simple to do.  

If you're finding yourself pent up, stressed and unable to think clearly, looking into the apps Calm, Head Space, or reading The Chimp Paradox would be a wonderful start.