We all hear the horrific challenges facing so many people due to the impact COVID has had on our society. There are so many people, businesses and indeed charities that have been hit so hard and need our help more than ever.

We are keen investors in mindfulness at Collingwood, and one of the key activities our coach believes in is the power of giving back. This doesn't mean money but could instead be a simple matter of giving someone your time, your ear to listen to their story or perhaps even a cuddle to let them know they are not on their own. 

I see so many kind offers on Linked in offering to help people with their job searching and it is humbling but there are so many ways we could all give back and it doesn't have to involve money.

We have thrown ourselves into helping a befriending service here in Chester to provide support to people living on their own. Imagine having to stay in your house without seeing a soul during this times! We are also raising funds and providing our time to a local childrens hospice.

There is no better "buzz" you can enjoy than after giving back and so what are you going to do to help someone? There are plenty of people who need you.