As we continue to plot our way through COVID-19, it is clear that the advice we are being given is fairly inconsistent to say the least!! There are so many things at play but so little precedent or robust health information for companies to make informed decisions. We need to keep all our stakeholders safe and yet we are making the rule book up as we go. 

I received a call from one of my team today. Their partner has been sent from home from work with a "sniffel" and isn't allowed to return until they have a negative COVID test. My colleague's question was should he also stay away from work. Off the cuff I said yes! Whilst we are all keen to keep everyone safe, surely the impact of our winter colds and viruses is going to be very disruptive for businesses? 

Whilst contemplating this I read an article from Harvard Business Review suggesting that we start investing in Chief Medical Officers for our boards. Having recruited quite a number of these roles for clients, I can see the validity and value such an appointment would have.

With an employed CMO, surely companies would be able to sleep at night knowing they can now base their decisions on solid data and not by listening to the news! There are so many other benefits to employing a CMO too if you are looking to invest in a robust employee wellbeing strategy. The role goes way beyond a world of COVID, which is hopefully only a temporary one!