Over the last 3 weeks I’ve had the great pleasure of speaking with many highly talented CTO / ‘Director of IT’ professionals in the retained search for a Director of Digital. The examples of digital transformation happening in the healthcare sector has been astounding and with the new headlines that I hear daily, the examples of transformation have really cheered me up.

Through the conversations though its hit home that both the word ‘digital’ and ‘digital transformation’ are sometimes misunderstood. We have seen job titles such as Director of IT replaced with Director of Digital, which on the face of it makes perfect sense. A few that changed their job titles had then started being approached about marketing roles and related opportunities. They decided to change their job title on LinkedIN to Director of Digital / CTO. So, it appears for many, the word digital has strong links to marketing.

Digital transformation for some, can bring to mind robots taking jobs or big changes in the way a service is delivered, Netflix being a great example. One of the CTO’s that I spoke with pointed me to an article that very simply explained digital transformation, which I though was clear and more importantly simple.

Its definition of digital transformation was ‘the integration of digital technology…..that can fundamentally change the way business is carried out both internally and to external Clients’

Digital transformation can relate to:

✔️ Customer experience

✔️ Operational agility

✔️ Culture and leadership

✔️ Workforce enablement

✔️ Digital technology integration

In short, the article noted ‘digital transformation enables companies to deliver an exceptional experience to their customers, with tools that affect both internal and external processes’.

I am sure that soon digital will be more associated with technology than marketing, but at the moment that journey is still in progress. There is still confusion for many, outside of digital /IT professionals, about the meaning of digital transformation. I hope that this article paints a clearer picture. As I mentioned at the onset there really are some great transformations happening that are making a big difference to our healthcare services and most importantly to the lives of the service users.