Talking to leaders this week the main themes that have emerged include transformation, shift in strategy (requiring different skills and experience in their workforce) and also strategies to achieve a more diverse workforce.

One Client kindly highlighted an article about Diversity in technology, specifically cyber. Having read the article there is some good advice and points that are applicable to all industry verticals.

Some of the key points are:

The task is daunting. A survey from 2018 found that just 9% of IT security workers self-identified as Black or African American compared with 13.6% of the population at large.

You have to rethink your hiring. Hiring processes often lean on networks from existing employees and as they also lack diversity the outcome is even fewer minority candidates consider. You have to rethink everything from the ground up including:

Where will you look for Candidates

Who you consider

How you interview them

How you describe the position

Include minority employees in all aspects of the hiring process

Some organisations are making great progress and seeing the benefits of having a diverse workforce. It remains one of the biggest challenges that companies face but with a few changes the outcome of your current recruitment process will change. As the workforce becomes more diverse the traditional methods of leaning on networks will maintain diversity but at the moment that method can exaggerate the problem