Thanks to one of our technology clients, we realised early on in the lock down that investing in our team had to be a positive intervention. Instead of putting everyone on furlough or worse, making redundancies, our client, an international technology business, decided to relentlessly invest in their employees. they wanted to upskill and prepare them for when customer demand returned.

Watching this and seeing the positive momentum that they enjoyed, I decided to take the same approach with our team at Collingwood.

Q1 was steady but not overly busy and it allowed us all to get together by video every day to discuss ways in which we could add more value to our clients and actually benefit from the horrendous economic downturn. It is not often when you can stop the world and take time to invest in ourselves.

This daily collaboration has kept everyone's spirits up and created a collaborative culture that we didn't have with any regulatory before.

We have identified an invested in 3 new technology platforms that will make our jobs easier and increase the value we add to our clients.

However, our biggest win is our daily 1 hour learning video call through which we have all upskilled together. Our consulting team have focused on sales and marketing and this collaborative approach to learning has strengthened us as a team, provided real clarity on our purpose and vision, and has also created a supportive network.

The tangible result is that we have achieved c. 120% of our quarterly target, have delighted our clients more than normal and have filled our pipeline with aspirational clients on the run up to Christmas.

Despite now being very very busy, our team have asked for our daily hour of learning to remain in our diaries. 

What a great achievement in a period of adversity!