As 2020 has progressed, the number of people who either need to or are proactively seeking a new job is unfortunately growing. I have been speaking to a lot of leaders in my network who find themselves looking for a job for the first time in many years. They usually get "headhunted" or an opportunity arises through their own network and so having to look for a new job is an alien activity for them.

I have been amazed at how many of these senior leaders haven't really considered what good looks like if they secure a job. Most don't seem to consider the purpose, values or culture of the potential employers they are approaching or applying to and I think this is a real shame. In fact, it is a huge opportunity missed.

Although not an ideal situation, what an opportunity you have if you are thrown into the job market. Simon Sinek's brilliant work on the power of purpose, in my view, comes into its own when job seeking. How amazing do you think it would be if you secured a new role with a company that had a purpose that inspired you and values that aligned to yours? Imagine working in a culture that you felt inspired in, one where your colleagues also align and the company culture and leadership style made you jump out of bed on a cold and wet Monday morning!!

In my view, job seekers should start here with their research and planning. Dig deep and identify your purpose, your values and then go and find businesses that align. 

I know you may be in a position where you have to find a job quickly but, nonetheless, accepting a new role in a business with a toxic culture, poor leadership and a purpose you don't believe in will lead you to a new job search in a short period of time.

So, get it right first time and enjoy the ride in a new employer that inspires you!