There is no one single thing that drives commercial success. It typically comes as a result of getting lots of different things right. Great talent, great leadership, a strong strategy, great product and a market that presents opportunity are all really important components of a performing organisation.

However, the glue that holds many successful organisations together is collaboration. Where teams and leaders come together, the organisations strategy is contributed to and believed in by all and one’s hurdle is everyone's hurdle and collaboration is always seen as the best solution.

The problem is, that even in normal times collaboration can be hard and takes commitment. In many organisations where focus is placed on personal targets combining to ensure overall success, it can be easy for employees and leaders to become insular and lose sight of the importance of collaboration.

At times like these however, collaboration becomes increasingly important but also increasingly challenging. With increased remote working and less time spent in the office, teams find themselves increasingly relying on technology to ensure they remain collaborative - using zoom, Microsoft teams, skype, slack etc have all become the norm. No doubt its more challenging and takes more commitment, but here are a few of my thoughts as to why it is so important and the value it can add;

1) Problem Solving - At a time where we are constantly provided with new challenges, working collaboratively allows us to come up with new and innovative ideas on how to approach them.

2) Boost Morale - Working remotely can be tough, with minimal social interaction being hard at times. Taking a collaborative approach boost morale, productivity and helps employees be as effective as possible remotely.

3) Talent retention - Collaboration fosters an environment that makes employees feel engaged and part of a bigger picture. At a time where top talent is definitely in high demand, collaboration can have a really positive impact on retaining your best talent.

These are obviously just a few of the ways that a collaborative work environment will add value to your organisation. Creating this type of environment takes time, effort and commitment, but as its importance increase during a crisis so should your determination to make it happen. Your employees, performance and subsequently stakeholders will thank you for it in the short and long term.