How are you constructing a high performing team?

It is always interesting to watch the sports teams that invest $millions as a quick fix to create a high performing team and whether it works. 

The reality is that this approach has been proven to work. Chelsea and Manchester City, in the English Premier League, have historically invested large sums of money to assemble a team of high performers resulting in premier league wins. Another though, Manchester United have thrown the same £1/2 billion at their problem but have come up short.

So, what is the difference?

It is easy to invest in expensive players but unless you have created a clear culture to assess and align your new players to, you are setting yourself up to fail. This has been proven over and over again both in sports and in business. Top players in one business won't necessarily be top in your business.

The key is ensuring that you understand where your company is heading, your culture and how you will measure success or failure. You can then effectively assess candidates and maximise their opportunity to succeed. 

An expensive hire misaligned to your culture = imminent failure = company misses its objectives. What a nightmare that would be!

So, what is your winning approach?