This could apply to any football team but, for me, I've seen it first hand at Liverpool FC. In 2017, we bought Naby Keita from RB Leipzig for £47 million. It was a lot of money compared to Liverpool's previous transfers and at a time when we were only dreaming of being a great and successful team again. 

I didn't know much about Naby but the buzz surrounding his transfer made me positive about what we could expect. The team has been hugely successful during the last 2 seasons and yet, Naby has only just started to come into his own and show us all why Klopp decided to invest so much money. In truth, I have heard a lot of supporters around me at Anfield writing Naby off and wincing every time he was coming on as a substitute.

Seeing this situation unfold into Keita being described as "world class" and "undroppable", got me thinking about expensive leaders that our clients have recruited but who have failed to impress early during their tenure.

Many companies believe expensive leaders should perform as soon as they walk through the door. How often have you seen quick exits?

Imagine what could have happened if you had been patient and invested in their development!