As organisations grow, making decisions become increasingly important as leaders try to balance short term needs with long term aspirations.

I had a conversation last week with a business leader that inspired me to write about the decision and more importantly the timing of when to really engage with a recruitment partner.

In any start-up, SME or growing business, hiring great talent typically starts by utilising the leadership teams network. Previous peers/employees and colleagues offer a sense of security and trust - knowing their personality, ability and cultural fit is critical in building a team that in the early days often can’t afford to carry passengers.

However at what point should proper external support and a longer term partnership be sought. Similar to the article, looking at the transition from "fast" to the "right" decision, organisations typically reach a point where they want to ensure the talent they acquire is the markets best, and it’s so important to look at the whole market rather than a known network of candidates.

Our experience tells us that clients typically find value in partnering with a talent specialist the earlier they do it, but lack of knowledge and ultimate trust prevents them from doing it until they deem it absolutely necessary. Clients that we work with utilise the value we can add in several ways;

- Benchmarking: Clients often engage with us to understand whether the candidate they have sourced directly truly is the best available. We offer a benchmarking service two provide a comparison for our clients that compares the best on the market with their candidate.

- Executive Search: Clients who truly want to recruit the best talent on the market at any given time, partner with us and treat us as their internal talent team. By committing to our clients, we offer intelligence backed results, helping our clients to achieve their long terms ambition.

So the answer to the question of when, is typically as soon as possible. As soon as the focus starts to shift from short term to long term, and "fast decisions" to "right decisions" you should be considering who can add long term value to your organisation. It should be about a bum on a seat and a large fee, it’s about trust, advice, guidance and honesty - and if all of that is delivered then I guarantee the markets best talent will follow.

The right partner should share the load, and push the train up the hill with you. Not just jump on it on the way down the hill.