Talent is always a hot topic and it continues to get enhanced focus as organisations increasingly appreciate how important it is to their ultimate success.

Last week I had a great call with a candidate, it was a very open and honest conversation about an opportunity I am working on. We discussed the great parts of the role, talked about my clients culture and what would be expected of the candidate and subsequently gave him the space to research and really consider whether this is a role he wants to pursue.

After the call I reflected on my own journey, and how refreshing it is for me to be enabled and able to provide both my clients and candidates the very best experience and subsequently the very best results.

A little bit of background..... I started in contingent recruitment, working with clients alongside a long list of other agencies. The focus was always quantity and speed over quality, get as many relevant candidates over in the shortest time frame, beat the other agencies to the majority of candidates and then cross your fingers.

My move into exec search came as I realised most clients wanted more than the above, and most things that both me and my clients disliked about the normal recruitment process could be fixed by simply committing to each other. I remember making a list of dislikes that both me and my client shared, some of the main ones;

Dropouts/Duplicate profiles/Poor candidate quality/Lack of market intelligence/Poor employer brand/Transactional relationships/

I now partner my clients, and by them committing and enabling me it allows me to prioritise quality and ensures they fill strategic positions with the markets best talent. It also allows me to be totally transparent with candidates, ensuring I deliver shortlists of qualified and interested candidates by representing their employer brand in a clear, consistent and attractive way.

It is clear that not every role is requires commitment or a partnership, and the reality is that some organisations just struggle to see the benefit in a more committed partnership - no matter how much you try to explain!

However, from someone that has seen both sides of the fence, I am yet to see a situation where an organisation takes more benefit from displaying less commitment.

Increased commitment means a much more enjoyable experience, and better results!