One of the big changes we’ve seen during the COVID period is the shift to remote working. For many companies this has worked well, after an initial period of bedding in. There have been challenges with technology, how to conduct meetings, collaboration, maintain culture, keeping the social elements of a team, mental health and working with your children at home!

Overall in our experience at Collingwood and speaking with our Clients remote working has been a success. The question is, will this be a permanent fixture moving forwards? Many Clients that I have spoken to believe they will never go back to full time physically in the office working.

Here’s three very compelling reasons why we should continue working from home

1 – Save Money

One of the big advantages of remote working is the potential reduction in office costs. Global Workplace Analytics estimate that a company with 1000 employees could save $11m. Its important to note that this estimate is based not just on real estate savings but also increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, staff turnover and a proven and robust disaster recovery process.

It’s clear that with a department or proportion of workers not requiring office space, there is a considerable saving in real estate costs. Reports also suggest there is an increase in productivity so overall savings could be considerable.

2 – Improvement in Recruitment and Retention

As a Headhunter the advantage I see is the big increase in the pool of Candidates that a Company can consider, as the physical office location no longer restricts Candidates from applying. This could be a real game changer to attract talent. In theory it would be possible to look at Candidates in any location, assuming the time zone was similar. For many companies looking at diversity and inclusion this change could really help them achieve their goals.

Candidates will now be able to look at roles in different Cities and not have to contend with a lengthy commute. They will be gaining back all that commuting time and cost. In general people like working from home, it gives them an element of freedom and flexibility. Previous surveys have suggested an increase in employee satisfaction for remote workers and therefore we could assume that retention of staff may increase as well.

3 – Helps Climate Change

I’ve seen satellite pictures of cities before COVID and during and difference is quite incredible. With reduced emissions as people stayed at home, the benefit to the Climate must have been very welcomed. With virtual working, and virtual meetings there will be less people commuting and travelling. Whilst this alone won’t solve the problem it will certainly help.

It will be interesting to see how traditional supplier and customer meetings change in the future. Will we see a reduction as we have all got used to Video meetings?

Overall there are many advantages to remote working and without doubt there are still challenges to overcome. At Collingwood we have virtual coffee breaks, a weekly quiz, bi-weekly mindfulness sessions and it feels like the normal now. I miss the social interaction of being in an office, so I see a hybrid future of mainly remote with physical office working paying a part as well. It will be very interesting to see how companies react.