Organisations everywhere are in a strange situation, trying to balance many things to ensure their business returns to a "pre covid" state as soon as possible. Whether its short or long term priorities, the differing needs of stakeholders or strategic priorities moving forward - in the coming months, there will be very few straight forward decisions. 

What concerns me is how tempting it will be in the coming months for organisations to make the easy decision, the one that fixes problems in the short term, irrespective of the impact they will have in the long term. One example of this is British Airways, who have been accused of a calculated plan to use the current crisis to cut jobs, although this may help the bottom line in the short term, the PR fall out could be significant in the long run. 

I think it is realistic to expect organisations will look to ensure they have strong foundations to bounce back from covid-19 and unfortunately that may mean that some people will lose their jobs. However, companies that show their moral compass in times of adversity, that stick by their people will ultimately be the ones that prosper in the long term. 

Simon Sinek said "happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders - in that order". I have been speaking with many candidates over the past couple of months, some are content some are not. What is clear to me from these conversations is the rewards on offer for organisations who use their moral compass to follow the right path, and stick by their employees wherever possible - a committed workforce willing to go the extra mile to ensure security and success, because that is what they received during this pandemic.