It is a very interesting time in the world of recruitment currently. The media almost has a total blackout on anything positive and seems to love reporting the worst news possible to remove any hope any of us may have of life when this horrific storm clears.

Talking to leaders of organisations around the world, the thermometer reading is a bit warmer and their mood is a bit better than the depression being created by the media. It is true that there are a lot of hiring freezes currently in play but, many are temporary until Boards take stock of this situation before exiting their war bunkers with their revised strategies. 

The discussions I am having remain full of optimism and an expectation that the world will start to turn again in a few months time with economic demand returning too.

I enjoyed reading this article about the way tech start-ups are viewing the current situation. These are probably the least stable businesses and yet their entrepreneurial leaders see huge opportunities for them. The main reason for this is due to the digital transformation that we have all been thrown into, are getting used to and will doubtlessly exit the crisis wanting more of.

Instead of climbing into their bunkers to hide from this storm, tech start-ups in the US are recruiting talent like mad and investing in solutions to help alleviate the pains this new world of remote working is giving us. By devouring the talent they will deny the slower decision makers the opportunity to ensure their own talent pools are in place to benefit from the economic uplift.

So, which camp are you in? Batten down the hatches until the world starts turning again or investing now to get ahead of your competitors and steal growth from them when demand returns?