Things have certainly changed for us all over the past 3-4 weeks! Here at Collingwood we are in week 4 of working from home and like everybody it’s taken time to adapt. Its sometimes difficult for me to rationalise exactly how the dynamics of my working day and week has changed. In fairness I am lucky. I am healthy, have a dedicated office at home, my children are grown up and no longer living at home (I wish they were!), and I can work remotely. Here are a few things that are helping us cope with this change in dynamic.

Have a support network

Collingwood Search is supporting us well. We have a morning team call which is not focused entirely on work but talking through what is working for us as we all adapt. We’ve shared many tips about working but mainly its about the fantastic way everyone is adapting to this new ‘virtual world’. This weekend I am going on a virtual tour of Chester Zoo and Buckingham Palace! It’s just great to have a team that’s there to support you, in addition to a friend group. Everyone can empathise and is experiencing the same thing. Every afternoon we have a virtual ‘brew’ which is a social gathering via Teams, with no work talk at all.

Physical exercise and taking care of your body & mind

There a lots of online exercise classes that can be done at home, ranging from 10 mins to 1 hour. I’m trying to exercise 2-3 times a day for 15 mins a time. There is an abundance of content online to cover every kind of sport. I am working through land training for Standup Paddleboard and probably learnt more on land than on water! In addition, at Collingwood we are treated to a virtual mindfulness session every few weeks, including a group meditation.

Step back from the news and media

It’s very easy to start the day off on a negative as we listen to the media and the way they report things. I’m not trying to sugar coat anything here but there is also a lot of very positive and remarkable things happening. In the UK, the Nightingale hospital at London Excel housing 400 patients was put together in just 9 days. This is remarkable and worthy of celebration. Different industries have come together in the common goal of producing much needed technology for the hospitals. Development times have been measured in days, regulatory bodies have slashed their approval times beyond anything previously, and there has been just so much innovation and creativity globally. Not least of which we are globally recognising and celebrating the dedicated and hardworking health professionals that are taking care of us.

We are all adapting to changes daily and we are all supporting each other. Let’s celebrate the great things going on as we collectively fight COVID-19.