As countries globally battle the current Coronavirus pandemic, it’s interesting to see the differing tactics being used by nations, even though they are all looking to achieve the same thing.

I think this mirrors the situation many organisations find themselves in, all trying to lessen the impact of Covid-19 whilst positioning themselves for success once the current situation comes to an end – but the measures taken by many differ greatly.

One common message delivered by Boris Johnson and his Scientific advisors throughout the UK’s response to Coronavirus has been their intention to utilise all the measures possible, but to implement them at the right time to ensure maximum impact.

Organisations can, and should in my opinion, take a similar approach when considering their talent strategies over the coming months. The reality of Covid-19 is that it will pass, and life will return to normal - it’s critical that organisations don’t compound the short-term impact of Coronavirus on talent, by creating an additional lag period once it passes.

If you consider the average time to fill a senior leadership vacancy, a typical search period of 4-6 weeks in addition to a notice period of 2 weeks - 6 months dependant on continent, this leaves the time before the successful candidate starts at anywhere between 2 and 7 months. If organisations don’t recommence hiring until we have this pandemic firmly in the rear-view mirror, there is a big possibility that is exactly where they will find themselves in relation to their competitors once we return to normality.

Once the landscape and future becomes a little clearer over the coming weeks I would advise organisations to consider what positions are business critical, when they need a candidate to start and the typical search timescale - recommencing hiring based on all of this information will position you for success in the coming months.

We won’t all agree with every measure our leaders take over the coming weeks and months, but I will certainly advise my clients to apply Boris' message to their talent strategy and implement the right measures at the right time.