We are all navigating unchartered waters, taking one day at a time. Learning each day what works, what doesn’t and juggling day to day life, whilst trying to be productive at work. We are still busy at Collingwood, retained on key hires for our Clients and multiple projects to get Clients ready for post COVID-19.

So, what is the talent market like now and what have we found over the last 3 weeks? During the first week everyone was trying to work out how to do things ‘virtually’ and there were mass scrambles to keep projects moving along and in most cases people became busier. From week two onward most people and companies had emerged from the ‘war room’ and settling into the new normal of working.

The overall effect is that people have more time to talk and are considerably more accessible than before the ‘lock down’ period. A lot of people are curious about the market, how companies are adapting and generally more open to discussions. Added to which globally we are all sharing the same challenges and there is a common bond amongst everyone.

If you are recruiting, had recruitment put on hold or have got recruitment plans later in the year, now is the optimum time to start reaching out to Candidates. We have a unique opportunity in time to speak to more Candidates than ever. Generally, Candidates are more open to listening and understanding what roles are available now and in the future. Many are looking at the various sectors and looking at which may thrive post COVID-19. Others are looking at their career, re-assessing their goals, really thinking more about what they like and don’t like about their roles and company.

Once we all physically return to work then the Candidate market will be less accessible. Plans will ramp up to get businesses back on track and Candidates will be lost in meetings, travelling and be much less accessible. If you are looking to hire this year then now may represent the best time to reach out to the Candidate market. They are available to speak, understand, and open to discussing their future.