As a team that have never really worked remotely full-time before, I have been very conscious of how individual members are coping with the imposed isolation. Some are happy to see more of their families whilst others are alone and have been deprived of our supportive, caring and, at times, humorous work culture.

We are having a couple of video catch ups every day, including a virtual brew every afternoon, but I am sure there are still more great ideas that we can adopt.

One fantastic intervention that we have continued with, but now virtually, is our team mindfulness session. We have been enjoying mindfulness with our coach Russell Treasure for a year or so now and are keen to continue. We had our first virtual session last week via Zoom and it proved to be a godsend, a stress reliever and a really positive activity for us all.

Russ has kindly recorded a 10 minute session that we can all use each day to ensure our minds stay in the moment and don't get diverted into negativity by the endless media we are consuming about the Cornoavirus.

I recommend you give it a go! It has been such a positive addition to our wellness strategy.