At Collingwood we have met with numerous businesses this year and discussed great plans and visions for 2020. It’s all been very positive indeed. Companies have talked to us about launching new products, transforming their teams, building record numbers of houses, launching new facilities, and the goal of realising ambitious growth plans.

Often, hiring the best talent in the market is key to achieving these plans. But what happens when you encounter times of uncertainty? Well you have two choices; You can carry on recruiting or you can stop recruiting. Both options have their risks. Most companies we are speaking with simply do not want to lose momentum and that is their biggest concern. With pauses in recruitment because of uncertainty, the big question is how quickly will we be able to pick things up and hire someone when things are clearer?

The ability to react quickly is key to maintaining or at least keeping some momentum. There is a third choice. What if you had a warm shortlist of vetted candidates that you were aware of, met your standards, would fit the culture, add value to your organisation, and help you realise your goals. Most importantly the candidates knew about your organisation, the purpose, the role and wanted to progress. If you had access to this shortlist you could hire with minimal delay and not lose momentum.

There is no better time than now for Collingwood Executive Search to reach, engage and speak with top talent. Most, if not all of us will be working from home for the next few weeks and perhaps months, and that inevitably frees up time that we would previously lose through travelling, meetings and disruptions in the office. We are using this time to proactively put our clients in a positive position, more in control of what could happen next with their hiring strategy and support them to deliver their business goals.

If you want to react quickly when the future is more certain and don’t want to lose momentum, then contact us now to discuss how we can provide this solution for you.

Here is a link to gain more information about Talent Pipeline, what is involved and how it can help you achieve your 2020 strategy