Given the impact the Coronavirus has had on many companies’ operational capabilities recently, it is more important than ever, to continue to be as productive as possible, regardless of the changing situation with staff levels due to sickness and self-isolation. At Collingwood, we are all working remotely and maintaining our lines of communication really is key to that! We also have strong processes in place which help all of us to ensure our operations continue to run smoothly regardless of whether our staffing levels fluctuate, and when we are working outside of our normal working conditions.

Our top tips for continuing with business as usual are:

  • Define everybody's goals and set expectations - we have a   clear plan in place
  • Collaborate - we are all willing to share ideas and best practice to ensure things get done
  • Communicate - we are having morning update calls and using Microsoft Teams for instant messaging
  • Be mindful - people can be struggling - we ask how everyone is doing during our calls and touch on the assistance each of us needs and can provide each other with

In every tough time opportunities present themselves and so open your mind to new ideas that could help to improve your business forever!