Everyone is so concerned about what is going to happen in the UK, not if but when schools and workplaces start to close, in response to the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak.

This last week, Collingwood has been preparing for the worst-case scenario. The continuity of work on our executive search assignments is paramount. Keeping assignment deadlines and communications ongoing with clients and candidates is top priority. Working remotely thankfully is an option for us.

The important principle is to plan ahead and agree within the team how to maintain productivity and engagement when working remotely.

Some points and tips:-

  • Agree on a method of communicating internally and              externally
  • Set clear objectives and working time arrangements so that people can easily be contacted
  • Where do your office incoming calls come from, are they clients, suppliers, are all calls important to you?
  • The team should have access to high speed secure WiFi, use of a laptop and if necessary a private place to work
  • Can you redirect incoming office calls easily, if so who to and how will the calls be recorded and communicated?
  • Have your team access to an online face-to-face video conferencing software Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams?
  • Agree on a set conference call day and time for all the team to catch up with assignments/projects
  • End of the day check in especially for part time workers to update their progress
  • Keep your shared calendar up-to-date
  • Keep in contact with each other on a personal level using Slack or Microsoft teams

Clear take-aways for managing remote working and getting it right, is planning, good communication and use of technology. Remote working is new for some, but others continue to use it successfully to run their businesses.  While we hope the coronavirus will be contained and have little impact on our busy working lives, at this stage we have no idea of the impact it will have.  We can only plan for any eventuality.