With yesterday’s announcement that the World Health Organisation has now categorised the Coronavirus outbreak as a pandemic, I think it’s fair to assume things may get worse before they get better.

Understandably there will be lots of worry at a time like this. concerns about health in addition to where you can buy that elusive toilet roll multi-pack as people stockpile are to be expected, but I am having increasing number of conversations with people apprehensive about a potential enforced period of home working.

The concern that most seem to have, is how to stay as productive as normal when yourself, and the team you typically collaborate so closely with become distributed.

My experience of working from home has taught me to do a few key things to ensure the transition is seamless.

- Plan plan plan, ensure your day has structure and a clear agenda. It’s important to ensure you still make the time for breaks and lunch.

- Embrace technology. Using tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Skype allow the team to collaborate in the same way they would if they were in the office.

- Be available and don’t become an email address. Use the phone and applications such as Facetime to ensure you still have proactive and positive interaction with the team.

Understandably change can cause apprehension but by embracing remote working, and utilising the technology we now have to make the transition seamless, for many of us there is no need to be concerned about productivity...... it may even improve!