Wellbeing has become a key priority for lots of employees and needs to be addressed if you want to attract and retain talent.

We are very aware of the importance of caring for our employees at Collingwood and, as a team, we enjoy regular mindfulness sessions, lunch time walks, flexible working, a dog-friendly office, free fruit and a pleasant work space, among other activities. BUT, it is clear that there are some more creative wellbeing initiatives available including;

1. Lighting 

Correct lighting has a positive impact on eyesight and mental health. Researchers found being within 10ft of a window decreases eyestrain by 84%. An experiment with 124 employees conducted by international real estate advisor, CBRE, and the University of Twente, VU Amsterdam, revealed artificial lighting attuned to our circadian rhythms boosted task performance by 18%. Morning lighting used warmer colour tones and brighter afternoon lighting mimicked light changes during the day.

2. Better furniture

Standing desks, ergonomically designed furniture and correct set up of computers and chairs can all help avoid staff being sat in one place for too long, minimising health problems such as back pain.

3. Pleasant interventions!

CBRE reported that staff in Sweden pioneering a regime of taking yoga, weekly massages and controlled naps improved their performance by 30%. 

I have been doing as many afternoon NAPS via the Calm app as possible and it certainly accelerates my performance and alertness.

4. Office re-design

Translated to offices, the trend is increasing headroom by removing suspended ceilings, leaving ventilation and other service pipework and cabling open. Biophilic interior design, bringing nature indoors, has also been shown to boost mood, with bringing plants into working areas improving task performance by 10%.

All in all, these ideas and initiatives need to be taken seriously as your competitors will steal a march on you and attract your target talent ahead of you. In addition, how nice would it be to have a culture where wellbeing is at the centre!

Here is an article we wrote on the impact regular mindfulness sessions have had on our team at Collingwood https://www.collingwoodsearch.co.uk/our-insights/board-insights/how-to-boost-your-bottom-line-with-a-mindfulness-approach