I have seen it so many times before. Great first interview, great second interview, smooth notice period, first day.......... 90th day.... ends in tears. 

Like building a house it all starts with a vision, the idea of what things will look like once all of that hard work and investment has passed. But when the builders turn up on day one, they start ground up - setting solid foundations that without which, the end vision doesn't become a reality. 

It's the same with your new hire. It all starts with that vision, imagining the new employee 6 months down the line prospering in their new position. But so many times the employee and employer ignore the foundations jumping straight to the end game. 

As can be seen in the article, the first 90 days are critical to achieving long term success. But in my experience the focus during that period should be on building strong foundations with the employer encouraging the smoothest transition possible. 

Building solid relationships (people liking a new employee is actually really beneficial), understanding the team and company culture and gaining hands on understanding of the role through colleagues and actual experience, is really important during the first 90 days. 

Through the work of my colleague Dr Paul Turner, we work closely with many of our appointments on a transition coaching programme, using Hogan Assessments. This allows for a smooth transition into a new corporate culture, allowing the space to settle whilst agreeing on transparent short and medium term goals to ensure strong foundations are set. This method is proven to achieve significant success and offers a fantastic ROI. 

The ultimate aim should be to build at a steady pace, providing an environment that allows new employees to settle into the team and organisation. Additional investment helps, but the bare minimum should be a commitment from both parties to build strong foundations. 

For more information on transition coaching please reach out to a member of the Collingwood Team. 

Here is another article on why investing in career transitioning or on-boarding is so important https://www.collingwoodsearch.co.uk/our-insights/board-insights/business-benefits-of-a-career-transition-strategy/