So the Christmas trees are going up, Michael Buble is on in offices and everyone is getting excited for the company Christmas party. In short, we already have our eye on Christmas and the break from work that we can't wait to enjoy!

We have had quite a few new client enquiries during the last few weeks from companies that need to employ a new leader to start in Q1 2020 and have sought our advice of whether December is a worthwhile month to headhunt candidates given all the distractions above. Given that the average recruitment process to recruit a senior role is around 5 months (5 weeks headhunt, 3 weeks employer recruitment process and then 3 months notice period), my advice is to get started ASAP. Furthermore, December is actually a great month to be proactively contacting candidates. It is a time of reflection, a time where year ends are finishing and every New Year is psychologically considered as a new start. Candidates also seem to have more time for discussing new career opportunities and for attending interviews as they use up their remaining annual holiday allowance.

January is also usually a manic month for everyone, diaries are tighter and our focus more on company performance rather than kicking off a job search.

In brief, don't put off until the New Year as December offers you a fantastic opportunity to attract some outstanding talent to your business!