I never ceased to be amazed at how many stories I hear of employers providing poor experiences to candidates during their interview process. No matter whether you are looking to recruit a part-time employee or a board director, the experience you provide to your candidates during your interview process will strong affect your ability to ultimately attract them. It won't matter how much money you throw at them, high calibre candidates are in strong demand and can choose who they want to work for next. Just because you have a great company with a great product or service won't guarantee you a signed contract especially if you don't demonstrate this through the interview experience you provide.

For many companies, recruiting new employees is considered a distraction as the line managers would rather get on with their day job. the recruitment process isn't given much thought and the key objective is to generate candidates and then have a one way process for the employers to select one. If this is your organisation then you are likely to struggle to get your chosen candidates to join you.

The good leaders and their companies realise that their future depends on the quality of the teams they assemble, and invest their time and money wisely to devise a candidate attraction and recruitment experience that they would be happy for their aspirational customers / clients to be a part of. At this point candidates are your customers and should be treated as such.

Here are 5 basic things you must do if you want to attract and recruit high calibre employees;

1. Communication

Make candidates feel special by over communicating with them. Make sure that they understand the recruitment process you want them to invest their time in and provide the time-scales that you are working to. Never leave candidates hanging or wondering what is going on!

2. Tell your story

You may think you have an amazing organisation, amazing products or services and have a clear purpose and an exciting future ahead. Please, please, please communicate this to candidates. They are not mind readers after all! We work with a lot of clients who don't have such powerful brands as Google, Amazon or Apple and so you need to bring yours to life. Involve success stories of employees who are loving it and are achieving their career goals.

3. Gain candidate feedback and react to it

Make sure you are gaining candidate feedback every step of the way and react to it. Make sure you are aware of any concerns they may have, the time-scales they are working to and their general thoughts about your opportunity. This will save disappointment!

4. Treat rejected candidates as well as you treat offered candidates

Don't we all deserve to be treated with respect? Whilst you may not be interested in rejected candidates, they have invested their time in your recruitment process and deserve to gain robust feedback about your decision. Word of mouth is powerful and you don't want negative reviews gathering pace merely because you haven't rejected candidates with respect.

5. Don't get excited and then realise you can't afford them

Finding out candidate salaries is usually an uncomfortable process for many. Don't leave this until the end of the recruitment process as you may be surprised and then disappointed that you can't afford them. Get your cards on the table from the outset of any recruitment process to avoid disappointment for everyone involved.