Over recent years I have been commissioned to recruit a number of marketing leaders for manufacturers within the construction materials industry.  It struck me having read the below, together with other articles on the Construction Product Associations (CPA) recent Production Information Survey, that marketers have been largely to blame for some pretty pointed recommendations delivered by the report.

The CPA commissioned this report to explore how product information is made available and presented to the construction supply chain - clearly much needed after Grenfell in 2017.

For me, blame cannot be pushed onto marketers.  Surely this is a collective effort, with the need for marketing, technical, engineering and operations to work together.  Although I am often briefed on headhunting a "technical" marketer, I cannot remember a client ever briefing me to find someone holding a deep understanding of building regulations, or an in-depth knowledge of xxx building product.

Rant over.  Areas the report recommends for improvement in included:

 - Construction materials to be properly labelled and marketed

 - Improvements to fire safety and building regulations

 - A preference for digital provision of product information.  This is a biggie for me.  I recently heard that our industry languishes second to last in adopting digital take up!

 - Competency level for manufacturers who specify and install products 

 - A code of conduct for manufacturers thus ensuring product information is properly verified ahead of going live

I would love to understand the industries views in terms of this - especially from marketers and those that employ Marketing Directors.