We are all about finding clients that we align with in terms of purpose, vision and values. This plays out in what the company stands for, how it treats its employees and how interested they are in developing and open and collaborative partnership.

Through one such client, we were referred to a leading SME insurance business who have re-shaped their company to execute a high growth strategy. We travelled to South Wales to meet the Managing Director and had no idea what was in store for us. From the minute we arrived to be greeted by a smiling long serving employee, through our meeting with the MD and ending with a tour of their new purpose designed offices, we were blown away by how closely they align to Collingwood. We felt so comfortable and a part of their team after a meeting that lasted only a couple of hours!

It is a business that has lead its market for a couple of decades, makes enough profit to keep everyone happy and the brilliant thing is that their Board put their employees at the centre of everything. They have a clear purpose, a great vision and a strong set of values to which everyone aligns. The employee benefits package offers everything that promotes a flexible and open environment and results in a happy and long serving workforce. 

The MD is totally behind looking after their employees and cited a list of situations for which they went beyond the call of duty to ensure families remained happy and healthy. The long service awards were life changing! Just brilliant!

Anyway, as I keep saying, partnering with businesses that are aligned to your values is so powerful and ensures you jump out of bed on a cold and miserable day because you want to make a difference to an amazing portfolio of clients.