The recruitment market is currently a very busy one with companies all fighting to identify and recruit high calibre talent for their businesses. There doesn't appear to be any particular geographical territories that are in more demand than others and so globally, there is a war on talent! Selecting the right approach to identify candidates is one big decision you need to make but a successful appointment doesn't stop there. In fact, identifying and engaging candidates is actually the easy bit!! The hard bit is the impact you make on the candidate and the speed at which you can move them through your hiring process to a job offer.

We are partnering a number of technology clients in the US to recruit a variety of commercial and technical roles. The briefs are tough but the clients absolutely know what they want, which makes our job as executive search consultants easier, they have a structured recruitment process but they now have another huge consideration. Their US competitors are moving their hiring processes with a relentless speed. One candidate we recently introduced has been through a recruitment process with a large global technology business in 4 days!!! Sadly the process hasn't involved any human contact, which I strongly believe is critical, and all interviews have been via Skype. That said, the company's interest and intent has blown the candidate away. He feels loved and wanted!

So, even if you have a refined recruitment process that works for you, please consider if it is possible to achieve in short time-scales. For example, the holiday season may disrupt it with key decision makers not being able to participate. Whatever barriers are in the way either try to find alternatives or at least communicate effectively to your candidates. Letting them know the milestones you are working to and, more importantly, keeping to them is critical to you making a successful appointment.