I have only realised in the last few years (5 to 10) that profit happens if you have a strong purpose and a values-based culture and your employees will, in fact, find it a more rewarding place to work! Collingwood is a purpose and values-led executive search and leadership consultancy and around 5 years ago we decided we only wanted to partner clients who align to our values. We felt that working with similar philosophies and cultures would ensure that we enjoy better relationships and ultimately result in us enjoying our work. After all, our purpose is focused on making our clients better than their competitors and so we really need to like them!! Going the extra mile is a lot harder when you don't align. In that case it becomes a chore and solely a job to put earn a salary.

A few inbound enquiries have slipped through our values assessment net and produced clients that have haven't enjoyed working with. In one case, we recruited a new CEO for a private healthcare client and, whilst we delivered a great result together, their relentless focus on profit before people has created some toxic relationships when the successful candidate arrived. The result is likely to be a short stay and high employee attrition. 

Creating a values-based organisation has to start with the CEO and cascade downwards. We have consulted with a few clients who have a values-based senior management team but who are being held back by the CEO's lack of interest and focus purely being on profits. The team below the Board can get as excited as they want about being a values-based business but it will all end in tears and frustration if the senior team doesn't share this belief and passion to make it happen.

Here is another article I have written about the power of values https://thoughtleadership.collingwoodsearch.co.uk/post/102fgqt/why-being-a-values-led-business-is-so-important-to-collingwood