I came across this Harvard Business Review article a day after meeting an international client who stated that their work culture is all about creating strong relationships. We were meeting this client to take some new briefs for sales leader roles in Europe and the relevance to the relationships comment was around us ruling out candidates who are political or all about themselves.

This HBR article goes a lot further than highlighting the power of relationships and really makes a strong case for each of us to find and strive to deliver our personal purposes. They call it the north star but, in brief, if we all know our "why" then we can create a fulfilling life instead of one that dreams or is a bystander wishing we were doing something else.

Choice is a powerful thing and is in our hands. A few years ago when working with a business coach, I suddenly found my "why" and set about creating an infrastructure around me to make it happen. Relationships with people I really wanted to be involved with and who would help me achieve my purpose was at the core of this. The fact is that if you are surrounded by people you want to be with in both your private and professional life, then it is likely to be far happier and fulfilling. Losing the "excess baggage" or mood hoovers is a tough thing to do but ultimately very rewarding!

Coming back to our client, they are not the most advanced company in the work stacked with ground breaking technology or employee processes but they are a shining star who are massively successful. They also enjoy very high employee retention and the whole vibe and culture is energetic, passionate and customer centric. They are an inspiring and aspirational client to Collingwood.

Choosing and nurturing the right relationships aligned to your purpose is a powerful thing! When thinking about your next job, make sure you align your employer to your purpose.