Talent pipelining is in lots of company’s opinion, something that is reserved the big boys, the Microsoft's, Apples and Amazons of the world!

In life we all follow examples of leaders, with the hope of experiencing similar success ourselves, yet SME's rarely have a strategy when it comes to pipelining future talent.

Some of the world’s leading business spend vast amount of money, and time, building relationships with potential future talent as it provides a plethora of benefits. Reduced time to hire, reduced external recruitment costs, access to the market’s best talent before competitors - that's just a few of them. However, some of these benefits can also be realised without spending large amounts on external studies and help.

The essence of pipelining is understanding what your target talent pool are engaged by and what they look for in a new opportunity. Then delivering an employer value proposition that aligns with that, building relationships and common ground with the talent for now, but also the future.

By partnering with a sole agency, a specialist in that niche and allowing them to truly understand you, your message can be delivered in a clear and consistent way. The time taken by the recruitment partner also means more time can be spent to understand the talent pool, this can inform your employer value proposition and ensure what you offer aligns closely with the talent you want to attract.

This is a far cry from working with a PSL of contingent agencies. The fastest finger first approach can lead to inconsistent and incorrect messages being delivered to great local talent. By relying heavily on job boards the message, right or wrong, is typically only delivered to "active" candidates rather than great ones.

If you are an ambitious and growing organisation it is important to consider whether your talent acquisition strategy focusing on the short and long term? If not, your competition is one step ahead.