Unsurprisingly, every client that I engage with has some sort of problem. A competitor poaching an important staff member, an impending retirement or even just an empty desk as a result of growth. 

What continues to stagger me, is the amount of prospective clients I speak to, who have these problems, but really don't appreciate the potential impact that the "empty desk"is having on their business.  

I have read several articles that estimate the average employee generates between 1 and 3 times their annual salary in income. Lets go in the middle, so based on 2x salary a Principle Electronics engineer earning £60k generates £120k per year - thats a LOSS of £10,000 for every month that the desk remains empty! 

If companies really start to consider this cost, saving a few percent between agencies becomes less important. The focus should be on quality, which agency, which consultant is going to find us the best talent in the shortest time frame.

Engaging with specialists, who have a relevant network of the market and proven track record of delivery is the best way to ensure access to the best talent.