As competition continues to increase between UK tech and engineering companies, the term "employer brand" is normally found in any discussion concerning talent acquisition. 

Executive search is a fantastic way for businesses to build their employer brand. Rather than having several agencies delivering different messages to the same people, a fastest finger first approach that effectively contaminates the talent pool. Executive search allows one experienced and knowledgeable expert to spend the time working with you to develop a clear and compelling message, they then take this clear and consistent message to a targeted list of high potential talent.

However, many organisations misinterpret the term and subsequently miss out on great candidates to their competition, who simply do it better! 

A strong employer brand comes from the very center of a business. Potential candidates want to understand how a business can help them achieve their goals and also how they can help the business achieve theirs. By conveying key elements of your business like your values and culture, potential candidates can better understand the role and career change on offer. Benefits such as holidays, office environment, flexible working all contribute to the attractiveness of an opportunity - but this unfortunately doesn't constitute a strong employer brand without a strong core message that is set from the top. 

In my experience the strongest employer brands are lead by the company brand. Companies with a great talent acquisition strategy then commit to trusted recruitment partners who constantly provide market feedback to inform both the company and employer brand.