I might be a bit biased and still on cloud 9 after Liverpool's unbelievable season, but there are so may reasons for us all to have a look at Klopp's approach to leadership.

Having been a Liverpool fan for 40 years I have certainly been through the ups and downs that this great football club and, indeed, institution has given its supporters. We have had so many great managers but also some very bad ones and on reflection it is easy to see what makes the likes of Shankley, Paisely and now Klopp stand out.

The impact Klopp has had both on and off the field is remarkable and I am sure, even if you're not a Liverpool fan , you will have witnessed it in some shape or form (even if our arch enemies would rather not have!).

For me, the biggest impact Klopp has had on all stakeholders, has been making us an integral part of the club. We all feel a part of the club and not just supporters who turn up at the weekend. He has made us all fanatical and genuinely be passionate every single day of the week. He has provided hope, optimism, community and ensured a dream / vision could be chased down and achieved. He has set and communicated his targets and provided his plan, with regular updates, on how we will achieve it together. This clear purpose and vision has given us all a direction of travel and have together known the role that we play in it.

The contrast in the love for this man, from supporters, players and other LFC employees is amazing and in stark contrast to other leaders such as Mourinho. Klopp has created success by gelling all the stakeholders together and has built a foundation that will ensure more success in seasons to come.

This has been a major transformation project and a lesson in how to do it!!