When speaking with both clients and candidates, Brexit is a hot topic at the moment.

The technology sector in Britain has over the years mitigated the talent shortage by attracting Europe's best tech talent to our shores. Higher salaries, global brands and exciting projects have all contributed to an influx of extremely bright minds from the continent. Subsequently, Brexit has led to lots of companies fearing the worst regarding talent attraction and ensuring their projects have sufficient resource and capability. 

However, from meeting with several industry leaders over the past couple of weeks, from small startups to global powerhouse's it has been promising to hear about the changes they have made to ensure the possible impact of Brexit is managed.

They accept how candidate short the market is and have placed more emphasis on the candidate, ensuring they fully understand their motivations and can align the opportunity with them. In such a short market its important not to waste any opportunity! Quality over quantity is now the focus.  

They have also placed a larger emphasis on attracting a cultivating younger talent, Britain has some amazing talent and by securing and developing stars of tomorrow, today leading companies are securing a bright future irrespective of the Brexit debacle! 

Uncertainty and change can be a scary thing, but a proactive approach to talent acquisition is crucial to staying ahead of the curve.