We entered 2019 full of optimism, largely due to having enjoyed an amazing previous 12 months with the majority our clients investing in new leaders to deliver their exciting and ambitious growth plans. This was across all our specialist sectors with few preparing for a Brexit disaster.

January arrived and in the space of a few weeks a huge amount of nervousness had crept into our clients' psyche and suddenly recruitment plans were being put on hold. Instead, our international clients decided to focus their efforts away from the UK and we became very busy in Germany, North America, Italy, Scandinavia and France. Fun for us but, as a UK business, pretty worrying for our great country. 

The good news is that since the Brexit extension, UK companies have visibly decided to "crack on" with their growth plans which have included investing in new talent. We are finding that there is so much lethargy around Brexit, the discussions have dwindled and companies have got back to business as normal, perhaps with one eye on the politicians.

Optimism and a positive mindset has returned and long may it continue (I am keeping October out of my calendar this year!!).