New clients are quite often quite surprised at the depth we go into when seeking to understand their business, culture, people, strategy etc....before we start asking about the candidate we need to find for them. It is not uncommon for companies to think we can recruit successfully from a boring old job description focused on the experience required with no attention to culture, behaviours or values. Recruitment is a complex process mainly because it involves people!

In addition to understanding the candidate that we need to find, we also need to build a comprehensive understanding of our client's business to ensure that we find someone who aligns to their purpose, vision and values. In doing this we really encourage total transparency and honesty about their business and, in the majority of cases, we manage to get everything on the table whether it be good, bad or indifferent.

It is critical that you take an honest approach to recruitment as any skeletons or untruths will come out of the closet at some point and it could be when your newly appointed leader is performing well but wants no part of this new information. By this point you will have invested a significant amount of time and money to "land" your superstar leader and the last thing you need or want is for them to disappear as a result of your dishonesty during the recruitment process. This could be the actual leadership style of their new boss, the actual autonomy (or lack of it) that they will have in the role, the poor cash flow forecast, the high level of customer dissatisfaction, the high value contract that is being lost soon, the poor employee moral or any number of other facts that they need to know and make an informed decision on.